CollegiateZone's purpose is to create educational solutions powered by robust technology



People want to feel good about their life choices. Those choices start in High School. It is why our founder, Stuart Scandridge was motivated to create CollegiateZone. He knows productive and happy citizens are good for our economy and well being.

Seeing how different people's lives could be when they align their education to what is naturally "who they are", generates superior results. Results that give people the opportunity to live a productive and happy life. It all starts from making deeply informed decisions as young people in school.


This purpose mentioned above is why creating Wannabe, EDUSystems and MindSight was important to the CollegiateZone team.

We believe that students, parents, and educators deserve to have robust tools to help them during this phase in every student's life.

Join us in building a stronger America from inside our education system with today's technology.


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Not Everyone's Best Option is College

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Reaching the Right Career Field Stems From Identifying Correct Interests

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Wannabe is a revolutionary college and career planning mobile app that helps you keep track of what you want to do with your course work and staying on track for your degree in college.



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